Best Data Room Software for Securing Your Digital Assets

Best Data Room Software for Securing Your Digital Assets

Businesses are constantly baffled by the issue of securely storing their sensitive data. With the advent of digitalization, this problem would have disappeared, but it’s far from that. Not every online storage facility can reliably store sensitive business data because they lack security features. The advent of virtual data rooms has revolutionized the business world, as these applications are among the few that guarantee almost 100% security and many other business management benefits. This article will highlight a list of the best VDR providers for 2022.

The iDeals Virtual Data Room – Overview

iDeals has not left its position as a leader among virtual data room providers for a long time. The program is constantly being improved and offers a robust set of security features so that you can exchange sensitive data and share documents as smoothly as possible. To that end, VDR offers features such as:

  • Advanced data encryption
  • Single sign-on
  • Double Authentication for logon security
  • And a unique fence view feature that prevents cyber-attacks by criminals using your devices’ cameras

In addition, iDeals has valuable management features that greatly simplify your routine and save you time. It uses an intelligent search function, a Q&A section, an Excel file viewer, automatic reporting, and supports more than 25 file formats for downloading without conversion. The provider also offers quality support services. Ask for help at any time of the day or night, and you are guaranteed to be heard and helped, which will positively impact your productivity. Check out this virtual data room software on their official website to learn more about providers’ rates.

Firmex VDR – Overview

Firmex Virtual Data Room is a versatile space that can be used by many businesses, including law firms, government agencies, investment banking systems, and more. The provider offers top-notch security and compliance with all regulatory requirements. Its list of security features includes:

  • Watermarks
  • Self-destructing documents
  • Setting document access deadlines
  • Compliance with security certifications such as GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA

Thus, Firmex is great for the file transfer process and remote collaboration. In addition, VDR offers the most user-friendly interface, which is easy to manage even for users with low technology proficiency. Space management is quite flexible, as it provides access to any device and operating system, and the provider’s pricing system is entirely acceptable and straightforward.

Vitrium Security VDR – Overview

Vitrium Security is a provider guaranteed to protect any content that comes into its space. The program focuses more on data storage than management, so this VDR can be a great option for publishers, writers, distributors, and other content creators who need reliable protection of their assets from piracy and copyright infringement.

To achieve these results, VDR uses the following features:

  • Data room security – To maintain a high level of protection, Vitrium Security uses advanced military-grade encryption techniques, watermarks, and detailed permissions that prohibit copying, printing, editing, downloading, and forwarding of data
  • Analytical tools – VDR automatically generates reports on all activity within the space so you can be aware of everything that’s going on and analyze the behavior of invited users
  • Easy File Access – Despite the complexity of the security, VDR still offers easy access to your files from any device without installing plugins. Plus, you save time and effort when uploading documents, as Vitrium Security supports more than 25 file formats

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